Life Insurance Isn't for You; It's for the Ones You Leave Behind

When you purchase something, it’s usually because you plan to use it. Term life insurance is an exception. You don’t want to use it. In fact, it’s not for YOU at all. It’s for the loved ones you might leave behind one day.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Life insurance isn’t many people’s favorite topic. It can be concerning – but can also be inspiring. Why? Because life insurance means that your family will be taken care of – even if the unexpected occurs.

Think about it this way: You don’t get life insurance because you plan to die. You get it because you expect your loved ones are going to live.

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. You want to see your family safe and secure in their house. You want to see your children thrive as they grow into adults, go to college, and start careers and families of their own. And if something prevents you from seeing all of this yourself, you still want it to happen.

Find the Right Plan to Provide Insurance Protection for Your Family

You work hard every day to provide for your family. Do one more thing to make sure your family will continue to be provided for. Get a life insurance plan that meets your family’s needs.

At Starr Wright USA, we work to provide Group Term Life coverage for federal employees.

  • Choose the level of coverage you need for your family.
  • Get access to affordable group rates.
  • Name anyone you want as the beneficiary, such as a spouse or friend.
  • The benefit can be paid income tax-free under current tax laws.
  • Secure coverage for your spouse and/or children, if desired.

When deciding on a plan, consider how much coverage you need and how long you will need it. For example, how long will it be until you’ve paid off your mortgage, your kids have grown and gone to college and you’ve reached retirement age? Do you have savings set aside for these expenses, or do you need life insurance to help fund them? Your current age will play a role in this decision.


  • Group 10-Year Level Term is available to federal employees under the age of 65. Benefits can be as low as $100,000 or as high as $1 million.
  • Group 20-Year Level Term is available to federal employees under the age of 55. As with the 10-Year plan, benefits can be as low as $100,000 or as high as $1 million.
  • Group Senior Term is available to federal employees between the ages of 50 and 74. The benefit can be in the amount of $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000.


You can keep your coverage if you change jobs or retire, as long as you pay your premiums. And at the end of the term, you’ll have the option of converting your coverage to an individual whole life policy.

Life insurance is more affordable than you might expect. Explore your options here.



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