Accident Insurance

Ease the financial burden of an accident

Also called AD&D, or Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, this coverage can provide you or your loved ones with a lump-sum payment following a qualifying accident that results in fatality or loss of a body part.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Keep your coverage, even if you change jobs or retire
  • Coverage available for your spouse and/or children as well
  • Benefits can coincide with life insurance or disability insurance payouts
  • Includes benefit for covered exposure and disappearance
  • Application process is fast and easy

Rates are affordable, starting as low as $5.30 a month for $100,000 of individual coverage.

Accident insurance does not provide medical coverage, and is not a life insurance policy.
It provides you with additional protection in case of detrimental accidents, beyond what
your basic insurance coverages offer.

Did you know

Did you know?

Today, accidental death is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.

As a federal employee – especially if your job exposes you to safety threats – accident insurance could be an asset to you and your loved ones.

Additional Plan Information:

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