• 05 August 2019
Five Ways Feds Can Save Money on Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is crucial to protecting your federal career, especially if you are a manager, supervisor, law enforcement officer, or any federal employee that interacts with the public. Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI) will defend you against any allegations of wrongdoing while on the job. Protecting your career doesn’t need to break the bank, though. For some federal employees, reimbursements, discounts, and special promotions can slash your premium by up to 60%. See below for these cost-saving tips.

Be on the lookout for special promotions

Whether it’s a gift card or an extra month on your policy, offers like these are available exclusively to federal employees. You have to keep your eye out for them, though. When you spot a limited time offer, make sure to take advantage of it right away before it expires. You don’t want to miss out on a great promotion and regret it later.

Check your association website for discounts

If you are a member of a federal employee association, make sure to check your association’s website to access hard to find discounts of up to 10%. This can save you almost $40 off your annual premium. Some of the associations that currently offer discounts are listed below:

ACHSIA (Association of Customs and HSI Special Agents)

AFNA (Association of Federal Narcotics Agents)

ATFA ( ATF Association)

FAAMA (FAA Managers Association)

FCCA (Federal Court Clerks Association)

USMSA (United States Marshall Service Association)

WIFLE (Women in Federal Law Enforcement)

These associations often have other deals on their site, as well as valuable information and connections, making it well worth joining if not yet a member.

Pay in increments

Sometimes paying all of your premium up front can be helpful. You get it out of the way and don’t have to worry about it until next year. Special promotions often come with the annual payment, too. But if you are short on cash each month, some companies allow you to pay quarterly or even monthly. This is helpful when you face risks to your career but are on a tight budget.

Watch out for hidden fees

When comparing policies, make sure the displayed price includes administration fees and taxes. If not, you may be paying a higher cost than you originally thought. Sometimes these fees can be $25 or more, and you don’t know these costs until after starting the application process.

Another caveat is the extra cost of covering LEOSA — Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. If you are a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, this pertains to you. Some companies charge up to $150 extra for LEOSA coverage. To save money, you want to find insurance policies that have LEOSA built-in.

Don’t forget the 50% reimbursement

Some Federal Employees are eligible to receive up to a $150 reimbursement from their annual premium. This is because, in 1991, Congress enacted a law requiring agencies to reimburse qualified employees up to 50% back. A few agencies even reimburse all PLI premium. Check with your agency on their reimbursement policy.


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